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Septic Tank Cleaning & System Certification

Whether you need septic tank cleaning or a system certification to sell your home, turn to A & A Abel's Septic Service in Apple Valley, California. Contact us to request service; we're happy to help you out.
A & A Abel's Septic Service - Apple Valley, CA - Diagnostic


After thoroughly discussing your system, we will work to identify the problem by asking a range of questions, including your system's age and date of last pumping. This will determine whether the problem is the tank or the seepage pit. All diagnostics are done at no charge to you.
A & A Abel's Septic Service - Apple Valley, CA - Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

Turn to us for septic tank cleaning and we'll begin by asking you about the status of the tank, its size, the number of people in the home, and the date of the last cleaning. With this information, we can calculate the price. We then arrange your service, which involves locating and unearthing the tank lid, then pumping the contents.
A & A Abel's Septic Service - Apple Valley, CA - Pit Installation

Septic & Pit Riser Installation

Your lids normally fall two to three feet into the ground and we will put in a riser to bring them to ground level. This service will save you money by avoiding future digging and create less damage to your yard next time you need pumping.
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Septic Reports & Certifications

When your house is sold, you need proof of certification stating your septic system is in working order. Rely on us for proper inspection and certificate reporting.